Sunday, February 26, 2012

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

HAPPINESS is watching you're a good man CHARLIE BROWN. I fell in love with "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown!."   The songs are awsome! The cast is awsome!

when 9 works Theatrical did the stage version here in the Philippines. I didn't know that they sang the song "HAPPINESS" in this play. All of the songs touch your heart and the characters and ones that everyone has grown up with. I love SNOOPY when i was a teenager.

We watched the play because my children REESE and JOAQUI loves the gang "PEANUTS" and they were laughing the whole time. Joaqui was even telling me what will happen even before the scene start.  I didn't know he watched the cartoons in youTube.  They were laughing had so much time during the show.




THE CASTS. Snoopy (Lorenz Martinez) , Charlie Brown (Robbie Guevarra) and Sally {Sweet Plantado-Tiongson} .... Schroeder, Linus and Lucy having pictures with other theater goers...


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