Sunday, April 29, 2012

A List of Fourty-four: Things I WILL DO in Year 44

I'm almost 44 years old. I feel like i am still in my 20's.  I am living my life to the fullest and I will continue to do so until my hair is grey.  At this time of my life,  i know i am wiser but the passion and the desire to learn or improve is still within me.  I am grateful  to my family and friends who help me in my journey.  

The most important lesson i learned this year... thanks to my friend Coysie Tan-Gana for the reminder "true happiness is found within and in quiet harmony with others." and my favorite "Life is Short, Do what you LOVE"

  1. travel to Misibis Bay
  2. travel to Baler
  3. travel to Caramoan Island
  4. travel to Singapore
  5. visit universal studios singapore with my children
  6. visit sentosa island with my children
  7. celebrate birthday of my children
  8. stay at Resort world Sentosa Island
  9. stay at Marina Sands Hotel
  10. travel to Milan
  11. travel to Venice
  12. travel to Rome
  13. travel to Victoria and Vancouver Canada
  14. travel to Seattle
  15. travel to Boston
  16. see New England
  17. travel to Adelaide
  18. hope to stay with Joanne at Sydney
  19. travel to Punta Fuego
  20. hope to go at Lake Sebu this november
  21. finished my Project Life 2012 (!)
  22. update the pictures in my project life harhar Lord please arrange my schedule
  23.  prepare for the 1st birthday party of Zhaq
  24. read the books in my phD class
  25. read 4 books in my kindle
  26. be serious with Yoga
  27. Run at least 5k
  28. try to be serious with my diet harhar
  29. prepare for the company's giveaway this december
  30. continue with company's plan the Vision and the Mission
  31. at least twice a month meeting with my managers 
  32. work closely with my collection department
  33. attend wednesday scrapping group
  34. finish backup of files yousendit
  35. accomplish this year backup of sd cards
  36. be more organize in my things
  37. arrange the closets 
  38. update my blog as often as i can
  39. try to lessen sweets ;-( harhar
  40. bonding with my friends
  41. print more photos
  42. reach a happy weight of 120lbs
  43. try new restaurants
  44. watch movies and tv series with my hubby

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  1. I love your list sis! You can do all of this... and maybe even more?!!