Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week in the Life 2012 - Tuesday

i call my photos today "My Executive Staff".  They are the reason why i can travel, do many things at the same time in a day.  They make my life easier. They are the people who works in my house.  They are loyal, dedicated and works tirelessly. I am BLESSED to have them around.  Not included in the photo is Yaya Ria. (she went home to province for she gave birth to her 2nd baby)
I have two personal Assistants - Kim and Grace. Many of the everyday tasks necessary for an effective workday fall on them, from scheduling meetings to arranging transportation of our office employees.  From corporate giveaways to organizing parties.   They screen all my incoming calls and messages.  

Running personal errands or setting appointments is part of their job.  They take care of life's details that i assign to them everyday and other jobs that may be assigned from time to time ALL THE TIME ;-)


I am gonna miss Madel, Beth and Weng for 10 days.  They went home to their province in Bacolod for a vacation.  I gave them an all expense-paid roundtrip air ticket as a way of thanking them for their services.

Madel brings my youngest daughter to school and watches over her everyday.  She is also my cook and baker. She's the one who goes to grocery and market.

Weng does the laundry and ironing of clothes and cleans the ground floor.

Beth cleans the 2nd floor of our house

Mang Fidel is the driver of my children  DSC_1379  

Ramon is my personal driver 

THANKS FOR DROPPING BY MY PAGE. Have a Great Thursday See ya tomorrow.

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