Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week in the Life - Monday

 We went to GALA by BULLET TRAIN from tokyo. Tokyo station to GALA Yuzawa station was very convenient and stress-free. Thanks to my cousin Ellen and hubby Teddy Nishiumi, they accompanied us going to Gala. From Tokyo station,we rode Joetsu Shinkansen [Platforms 20-23] and take the train named Max-Tanigawa or Tanigawa.
japan GALA Yuzawa is in the town of Echigo Yuzawa in Niigata Prefecture. Located about 200kms to the north of Tokyo, the area is famous for its impressive snowfall, and with skiing from 1,181m down to 358m, GALA Yuzawa resort is the perfect place to enjoy the excellent snow conditions.  When we went here the weather is only 14C.
japan japan japan
i have to remove my jacket because i was sweating.... there may be lots of snow, but the weather is hot for me.  it's my first time to play snow in Japan.  We usually go to Lake Tahoe, Nevada for snow Fun. 
  japan japan japan japan japan

my FAVORITE part... everytime i play in the SNOW, i treat myself with an ICE CREAM ;-)... in japan they have SOFT served. I ate GREEN TEA and strawberry flavor soft serve ice cream ;-)

all photos taken with my iphone 4S 

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