Saturday, June 30, 2012

PEST-AWAY Corporation: Best Students Award Ceremony

Here’s a quick rewind of what just happened a few hours ago, just to keep you in the know. We have concluded the 1st PEST-AWAY Best Students Award ceremony for the school year June 2011 - March 2012.  at KFC Makati. 

Another milestone is marked under our company’s thrust of supporting the Pest-Away Corporations extended family.

I was inspired by my friend Jane Padua Arzadon's trophy, all lined up in her room given by Mercury Drug Corporation during our high school days.   During our brief stay in Las Vegas in January 2011, I learned that my husband's uncle Teodoro David Jr. (r.i.p) and auntie Norma Abaya David.  share their blessings to my husband's cousins if they excel in school.  These knowledge encouraged and motivated me to start this program, for I always want to apply the best practices in the industry in our company. 


The event has been both very exciting and fulfilling for yours truly and management in general. But best of all, as we beam with the parents of these achievers, we were able to acknowledge their exemplary intelligence, talent, tenacity and determination towards the academics. 

MA. JHANA S. MAYOR 86.75% - Tunasan Elementary School giving the award Mr. Benjie Abarquez and Janah Dimayuga

They are part of the crème de la crème that the past school year has witnessed. And we cannot be any more proud than to claim these children as our own, a legitimate part of the PEST-AWAY family. It is but proper to give the Special Awards to this year’s recipients. 
Mariuz Chua-Guevarra (VS)
The monetary prize may be modest to some, but the message that this rewards ceremony wishes to convey is crystal clear: we want the parents of these kids to encourage and nurture the innate ability of their children to flourish academically;
Sheina Culla-Zumarraga 89.6 average
we want sprouts of inspiration sent to both the parents and the children so they may see the future as truly rewarding in every aspect of their lives so long as they strive to be the best that they can be.
The future is an abyss of possibilities and Pest-Away Corporation shall be there to support them.
Joaqui David  91%
Congratulations to the parents of the PEST-AWAY Best Students award ceremony 2012! By God’s grace, we will do this again next year!
Riz Guevarra 91.8%
Average 96 and above - 6,000pesos 
              90 to 95         -  3,000pesos 
              86 to 89         -  1,500pesos

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