Friday, November 23, 2012

A Thanksgiving Dinner

"May rich blessings -   
 Plenty, peace and prosperity
be yours this Thanksgiving Day."

Thankful for the guidance of our Heavenly Father.

Thankful for my children who are eager to learn and are making this whole experience worthwhile.

"The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it."
--Richard Bach -- 
I AM SO THANKFUL FOR MY ever Supportive Hubby

I am thankful for our struggles, which make us stronger and wiser, as well as our joys, which make us richer and more content.

thankful for my AWESOME sisters-in-law

I am thankful for my family – For being the closest kin in the world

I am thankful for my parents - Because if there is no them, there will be no ME. 

I am thankful for the FOOD we eat everyday

my dinner Honey glazed Ham @ Palms Country Club
I am thankful for ABUNDANCE

my hubby's dinner Angus Beef
Thankful for websites - internet - technology... I can keep in touch with my friends from far and away, I can order the things i need for my hobby and I learn more from other people because of technology

I AM thankful for being alive. For giving me the chance to touch other people's live and fulfill my purpose to help others. .

Michael Antonio ankle booties
I am thankful for the creator of great SHOES... i love my michael antonio boots!

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