Thursday, November 15, 2012

Clinica Ruiz - Glan Saranggani Province

Our last stop at Saranggani Province is the Clinica Ruiz, owned by Dr. Tranquilino Ruiz II. To fully appreciate the history and culture of Glan, visitors of the province would always drop by the Ruiz family memorabilia which he patiently collected and preserved over the years.


 Dr. Jose Tranquilino Ruiz II, a scion of one of the first families to settle in Glan during the early 1900s

He has a vast collection of antiques, gongs, and old pictures of "colonos" (first Christian settlers) of Glan.

Their ancestral house, which is a now a semi-museum, is open to the public (by appointment) and is just near the town hall making it ideal for visitors to have it on their list when they explore the town.  Thanks to our tour guide REY, we were able to visit the museum.













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