Sunday, December 23, 2012

i won a mini-Ipad Yahey!

ALOG & Company celebrated its 30th Anniversary at Acacia Hotel last December 19, 2012.  One of the event's highlights was raffling of pest control equipment such as Swingfog fogging machines, B & G Sprayers and misting machine, there are other major prizes which  includes ipads and mini-ipads from syngenta and bayer.

When i saw Joan Cruz, Alog's representative I told her " i haven't put my name yet in the "tambiolo"..i am representing pest-away can i put my name? for i want to win a mini ipad"...  Joan gladly wrote my name and drop in the box.
i bought a tory burch case

I guess i was one LUCKY BUG.  Hector Loho - country manager of Syngenta called my name winning an iPad.  
i also bought a matching case for my iphone 5 (arriving soon! i requested my friend Iries from canada to buy one for me and she is arriving this dec 29 yehey - the iphone is an early wedding anniversary gift from my hubby - we are turning 18th this 2013)

Actually i ordered a mini iPad in the states with my husband's name engraved on it for his christmas present.  So I just requested Alog & Company to just reimbursed the amount i paid for the mini-Ipad. Yahey! it's really a Merry Christmas 2012.

I am so grateful!


Staying Organized for 2013

I so love my personalized Erin Condren Life Planner to keep me organized this 2013.

Front View

It's so super cute and adorable.

Back View

 I am so thankful to Ate Belle for bringing it to the Philippines for me.

I am such a stationery person. I love wonderful papers.

even if i have calendar on my phone, i still love checking and ticking off my schedules on a paper.

I bought this to stay organized with my project life pages.

My favorite:A weekly view with a lot of space per day. The days are split into morning, day, and night.

i got to know this planner from my FB group.

the stickers here are so cute and a pouch for extra papers

there's money envelope

i was given a cute gift tag sampler too

there's also stickers

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Naughty Or Nice?

Tis' the season to be jolly with my friends from high school. A Christmas Dinner party was held at Nuvo Restaurant in Greenbelt. We were lucky to have Gina Lontoc-Alberto who is based in Abu Dhabi to attend the party with us.




The Christmas Gift Poem

It isn’t the flowing ribbons,
draped and curled with extra care,
or the fine and fancy bows
tied with ornamental flair.

It isn’t the label on the box,
the sum of money spent,
or anything that shows the length
to which you obviously went.

The beauty of a Christmas gift
cannot be seen at all.
For the loveliness of giving
is a feeling, grand and tall.
It’s the genuine offer of love,
the yearning to make a connection,
a show of honest gratitude,
a display of sincere affection.


The biggest gift I have to give is my friendship. I can spend time sharing memories. I can create new memories.

If someone isn’t worthy of my love, then a gift won’t change things.

DSCN2671 Happiness is not about having the hottest gadget or the best kitchen or the sleekest new vehicle.

Happiness and joy are about treasuring family friends and relationships. Merry Christmas klasmeyts!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Santa Lands in Alabang 2012

Santa arrived via helicopter at Alabang Country Club and gave gifts to children.  



There were free cotton candies


popcorn and drinks plus a special loot bags for the children.





Friday, December 14, 2012

V is for birthday VACATION

"V" is for birthday VACATION and a Princess Makeover at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique -  Hongkong Disneyland. Birthdays are so special. It’s a day just to celebrate you! Celebrating birthday VACATION at Hongkong Disneyland makes a birthday even more magical. 

My daughter has been lucky enough to celebrate her birthday almost every year at Hongkong Disneyland. Thanks to Cebu Pacific Advance Seat Sale Promo at 888 pesos per passenger -- i bought our ticket last august 2012.


Through planning, we have found some special adventures, both big and small, to help celebrate her birthday while at Hongkong Disneyland .

On her 5th birthday she likes to be Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.


Even though she has colds + cough and slight fever she still managed to smile in front of the camera.


The brand new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is located in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. I made an appointment 10 days before our arrival at Hongkong Disney. 


She was transformed into her favorite Disney Princess - Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.


You can choose from various packages which include everything from Princess costumes, shimmering make-up, hair styling, finger nail polishing and even dazzling accessories.


Of course the magic would not be completed without an exclusive Princess photo session to capture her beauty and grace and keep as a memento of this truly enchanting experience.


Thanks to my mom for paying the photo sessions.  she said it's her birthday and christmas gift to my daughter this 2012.


I chose the Castle Package HK$1,180 which includes: hair styling, shimmering make up, finger nail polishing, Princess sash and designated accessories and 8"x10" photo with premium photo folder. Shoes are optional


How to Book

Call Disney's hotline +852 3510-6000 of For Hotel Guest, please call Hong Kong Disneyland Reservation Center at +852 1-830-830. Open daily from 9:00am - 8:00pm.

We then went onwards to the Disneyland Park. Its just amazing.. Its like stepping into another world… of magic & happiness.

Everyone around … has a huge smile on my daughter.   Some people even requested to have their photos taken with my her or stopped by her stroller to say hello !!!





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