Sunday, December 23, 2012

i won a mini-Ipad Yahey!

ALOG & Company celebrated its 30th Anniversary at Acacia Hotel last December 19, 2012.  One of the event's highlights was raffling of pest control equipment such as Swingfog fogging machines, B & G Sprayers and misting machine, there are other major prizes which  includes ipads and mini-ipads from syngenta and bayer.

When i saw Joan Cruz, Alog's representative I told her " i haven't put my name yet in the "tambiolo"..i am representing pest-away can i put my name? for i want to win a mini ipad"...  Joan gladly wrote my name and drop in the box.
i bought a tory burch case

I guess i was one LUCKY BUG.  Hector Loho - country manager of Syngenta called my name winning an iPad.  
i also bought a matching case for my iphone 5 (arriving soon! i requested my friend Iries from canada to buy one for me and she is arriving this dec 29 yehey - the iphone is an early wedding anniversary gift from my hubby - we are turning 18th this 2013)

Actually i ordered a mini iPad in the states with my husband's name engraved on it for his christmas present.  So I just requested Alog & Company to just reimbursed the amount i paid for the mini-Ipad. Yahey! it's really a Merry Christmas 2012.

I am so grateful!


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