Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Naughty Or Nice?

Tis' the season to be jolly with my friends from high school. A Christmas Dinner party was held at Nuvo Restaurant in Greenbelt. We were lucky to have Gina Lontoc-Alberto who is based in Abu Dhabi to attend the party with us.




The Christmas Gift Poem

It isn’t the flowing ribbons,
draped and curled with extra care,
or the fine and fancy bows
tied with ornamental flair.

It isn’t the label on the box,
the sum of money spent,
or anything that shows the length
to which you obviously went.

The beauty of a Christmas gift
cannot be seen at all.
For the loveliness of giving
is a feeling, grand and tall.
It’s the genuine offer of love,
the yearning to make a connection,
a show of honest gratitude,
a display of sincere affection.


The biggest gift I have to give is my friendship. I can spend time sharing memories. I can create new memories.

If someone isn’t worthy of my love, then a gift won’t change things.

DSCN2671 Happiness is not about having the hottest gadget or the best kitchen or the sleekest new vehicle.

Happiness and joy are about treasuring family friends and relationships. Merry Christmas klasmeyts!

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