Friday, July 26, 2013

scrapbooking with my scrap idol IRIS-BABAO UY

the project of IRIS BABAO-UY for July 2013 at Lasting Impression was one of my favorites. 
I love summer photos and colors and this is my favorite summer page -- baguio April 2013
I continue to learn and grow and be inspired by the amazing projects at lasting impression.

Balesin island June 2013
Scrapbooking gives me a creative outlet to create something that records the stories of our life--who we are and how we live--so that we can remember a moment in time that might otherwise have been forgotten. 
Baguio March 2013

When you really think about it, when a day is over sometimes all you have left are the memories.  Scrapbooking cements those memories into permanence.

Saranggani Province November 2012

Banaue Rice Terraces April 2013

Live and Love Out Loud

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Apareja Halo-Halo


We passed by Apareja buko halo-halo on our way to General Santos Airport for a refreshing merienda (november 2012).  
Langka or Jackfruit one of the halo-halo ingredients

Apareja serves the freshest buko halo-halo which was harvested from the owner's buko plantation.
our tour guide and a little store inside apareja

The Buko Halo-halo is a popular Filipino dessert.  A mixture of shaved ice, milk with a perfect blend of corn, nata, kaong, banana, sweet potato, tapioca, buko juice, leche flan and of course, ube ice cream. 


Apareja Buko Halo-Halo is located in Brgy. Saravia Koronadal City, it's a must-try when you're in South Cotabato. 


They serve the juice of the coconut instead of water.