Sunday, August 19, 2012

my Europe Trip 1998

Arranging my album into Project Life pages made me sentimental and EMO.  

The first time i've been to Europe was in 1998, 5 months after giving birth to my eldest son.  In 1997 Our company was given the quota of selling 5,000 liters of Resigen by AgrEvo Company now BAYER.  The supplier informed us that if we hit the target they will give us a trip for two (2) to Europe all expense-paid plus pocket money.  That made me and my team work work work. and voila my DREAM CAME True.

mam arlene 1
AgrEvo the Supplier who gave me the Free Trip to Europe.  they are now known as BAYER.  This is me travelling in Germany for a pest control convention, 5 months after giving birth to my eldest Son.  I can't believe i left him.

so i booked our top salesman and me to Insight Travel.  Countries include Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Italy, Netherland, Spain, Austria and Britain.

mam arlene pic
we joined the European Legend Tour of Insight which was 25 days because I want to see 9 countries.  This picture was Montserrat.  I came to know the Lady of Montserrat at my school at San Beda Alabang.
we strolled along the beautiful
gardens where the children learn to sing in The Sound of Music
 I was grade 3 when I caught ‘the Sound of Music’ fever.  I watched with my neighbor Genny and Lulay.  As a child growing
 up, watching Julie Andrews prancing on the
green plains, with castles and lakes as the backdrop, I had no clue if that was for real till i saw the Swiss Alps and this place.

VENICE is the place i want to go back to.  I cannot believe that I will be going again to Italy this September 2012.  The trip is also free and given by another Supplier for hitting quota in 2011.

Photos were taken on May 31, 1998 and I just turned 31 years old.  It  was a very memorable day for I was atop the Swiss Alps to celebrate my special day.   the 2 photo were taken while riding the cable car

Enjoying the snow at Mt. Titlis

Terry Regan was our tour guide and was absolutely excellent. If I did another Insight tour I would definitely want him as the Tour Guide.
One of the most original items to take back home from Amsterdam are clogs, Holland's traditional wooden shoes.  While I couldn't bring myself to buy any of the above, I did love looking at  the colourful clogs all lined up, waiting to be taken to a far flung
corner of the globe.

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