Sunday, August 19, 2012

Project Life - Europe Trip 1998

I am so excited to show you some pages of my album during my trip in Europe 1998.  I finished transferring my pictures from my MAGNETIC Album which is not acid free into a Project Life Page Protector!  I am on a roll and hope to get some more done this week cause it's a long weekend here in Manila.
my old Europe Trip Album turning yellow
some pages of my Europe Trip, i transferred to Project Life Page Protectors.  This Picture is FRANCE on top of Eiffel Tower.
Toledo, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Montserrat Spain
My spelling of PISA is "z" because my sticker letters have no more "S". Picture in Pisa, Italy
Venice and Burano Italy
Florence, Italy
Amsterdam, Netherland
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Versailles, France - We went here by train.  It was kind of hard commuting because of language barrier.  No iphone to translate language.  I learned that SORTIE was exit
Montmarte, France
Project Life using WE r Memory Keepers
Isny, Germany town of our Fogging Machine Supplier Swingtec
Project Life using WE r Memory Keepers-1
Leverkusen, Germany - Home of BAYER - i got to chance to visit their factory
Pest Control Convention in Europe
Project Life using WE r Memory Keepers-3
Swingtec manufacturer of the Fogging and Misting Machine we use in our Business

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