Saturday, January 28, 2012

lessons i learned from "Moneyball"

As i watched this movie, I can relate completely to Brad Pitt. There were business lessons to be learned. 

When our company was starting 12 years ago, BEING FIRST MATTERS to me.    when we started the company, my VISION is to be the COLGATE or KODAK when it comes to pest control. we took chances, came up with innovations and different strategies to gain market share and to be in the top 3 pest control companies in the Philippines even we have limited budget and resources.

we look for employees who can contribute and add value to the company but who have been overlooked by others because they were not graduates from top philippine schools. We are open to a diverse group of employees.

we hired STARS from the industry, but it doesn't mean they will become part of our great team. Sometimes these people have bad attitudes or big egos. 

I am a risk-taker. I make decisions Fast and i am OPEN to changes, though for others it's hard. But i thank GOD that my management team are cooperative ;-)  As of today, We try our best to stay focused and race as far ahead as possible.  As the company grows, the team grows with us.  

Leadership isn’t easy. It means taking great risks and making personal sacrifices. Leadership isn’t about the self, but about the team. we make the most of what we have. and lastly Money isn't everything. Relationship with people is more important to me.

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