Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Specialties of the Archangels

from "Archangels 101" by Doreen Virtue

Michael—protection, courage, confidence, and safety; life-purpose guidance; fixing mechanical and electronic items.

Raphael—healing of people and animals; guiding healers in their education and practice; guidance and protection for travelers; connecting you with your soul mate.

Gabriel—delivering important and clear messages; helping those who are messengers (teachers, writers, actors, and artists); assisting with all aspects of parenting, including conception, adoption, and birth.

Uriel—intellectual understanding; conversations; ideas, insights, and epiphanies; studying, school, and test taking; writing and speaking.

Chamuel—universal and personal peace; finding whatever you are seeking.

Ariel—connecting with nature, animals, and nature spirits (for example, fairies); manifesting your earthly material needs; guidance for a career or avocation in environmentalism or animal welfare.

Metatron—sacred geometry and esoteric healing work; working with the universal energies, including time management and “time warping”; helping highly sensitive people (especially the youths who are often referred to as Indigos or Crystals).

Sandalphon—receiving and delivering prayers between God and humans; guidance and support for musicians.

Azrael—healing the bereaved; helping souls cross over; assisting grief counselors.

Jophiel—beautifying and uplifting your thoughts and feelings; clearing clutter out of your life.

Haniel—awakening and trusting your spiritual gifts of intuition and clairvoyance; releasing the old; support and healing for women’s physical and emotional health issues.

Raziel—understanding the secrets of the universe; remembering and healing from past lives; understanding esoteric wisdom, such as dream interpretation.

Raguel—healing arguments or misunderstandings; bringing harmony to situations; attracting wonderful new friends.

Jeremiel—developing and understanding spiritual visions and clairvoyance; conducting a life review so you can make adjustments with how you wish to live.

Zadkiel—helping students remember facts and figures for tests; healing painful memories; remembering your Divine spiritual origin and missions; choosing forgiveness.

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