Tuesday, July 10, 2012

RECIPE: Fresh Chinese Lumpia

My husband and I personally like the paella in the microwavable containers, the very scrumptious fresh chinese lumpia and Taho at Alabang Organic Market every  Saturday from 6am to 12 noon. It was fun going around the tent making small talk with the sellers and trying the samples! Yup, that was definitely the best part :).  However lately, our suki is not selling our favorites anymore. So i decided to make lumpia for our lunch yesterday.

                              PREPARE INGREDIENTS 

slice the singkamas (turnip) julienne
mince onions

slice tofu julienne
shred cabbage

Saute garlic, chopped onion and ground pork. Season with salt.
add carrots
add singkamas
add a dash of magic sarap
add HIBE
add Tofu
then add shredded cabbage cook then set aside

in a separate pan fry bihon

drain the bihon
cook HOTI for 1 minute
Mix the the bihon with Hoti
                         MAKING THE SAUCE
boil water
add brown sugar
add soy sauce
Dissolve cornstarch in water and combine with sugar and soy sauce mixture. Simmer until thick.
Add garlic

and peanuts and cook for one more minute

transfer cook sauce in a bowl


                             SERVING THE LUMPIA
Lay wrap on a plate and add peanuts

then add fried Hoti with bihon

add cooked vegetables
add Wansoy
put lettuce leaf
wrap like a burrito then add the peanut sauce and sprinkle with minced garlic (optional)


1/4 kilo ground pork
2 pc Singkamas (turnip), julienne
2 pc carrots, julienne 3 block of tofu, cut into small pieces
1-2 onions, minced 
6 cloves  garlic, minced
50 grams Hibe
1 cabbage, shredded
50 grams bihon (fried)
15 grams HOTI available at Little Store Greenhills see details below
300 grams ground peanuts 
dash of magic sarap
Lumpia wrapper

ingredients for the sauce:
4 cups
100 grams  brown sugar  
1 tbsp garlic , minced
5 Tbsps soy sauce
2 Tbsps
cornstarch + 2 Tbsps water


For the wrapper
  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 egg beaten
  • Mix all three till smooth and no lumps visible
  • In a crepe maker or just in a regular skillet spread out batter using a spoon, cook approximately 1 minute each side.
  • yields about 6 wraps

  • Saute garlic, when it starts to sizzle add the onions and let it sit til fragrant and a little bit translucent
  • Add the ground pork, let it brown then add carrots, singkamas then cook
  • add a dash of magic sarap
  • add hibe stir
  • add tofu cook
  • add the shredded cabbage

  • in a separate pan fry bihon till crispy, drain 
  • cook hoti for one minute than set aside
To make the sauce:
  •  boil water, brown sugar and soy sauce in a saucepan.
  •  Dissolve cornstarch in water and combine with sugar and soy sauce mixture. Simmer until thick. 
  • Add garlic and peanuts and cook for one more minute. 
Serving the Lumpia
  • Lay wrap on a plate add peanut mixed with sugar
  • then add fried Hoti with bihon
  • Add the vegetable fillings
  • add wansoy
  • Put the  lettuce leaf 
  • wrap the lumpia around the filling   like a BURRITO 
  • add the peanut sauce and sprinkle with minced garlic (optional)  
  •  take a big bite! and Enjoy!

HOTI Available at:
Little Store on the Hill
2 Jose Abad Santos st.
Little Baguio, San Juan
721.9174 | 721.2359
DEC - Diao Eng Chay Chinese Deli
203 Wilson St., Greenhills



  1. Where do you get the Hoti ? Im sorry I'm not familiar with Hoti, but i am sure Ive eaten it

  2. Hoti is 浒苔 (hu\/ tai/, enteromorpha seaweed) and can be found in asian grocery stores. If cannot find it can just use japan nori seaweed. Many in fujian province china now just use japan nori seaweed instead of hoti.

  3. I looked at the quanzhou fujian runbing (soft roll or spring roll) recipe and it seems to use daikon radish as the filler (and or salted daikon radish) which is still being used in the taiwan runbing version. Possible to also use radish with taro and vietnam spring roll can have taro. Philippines has many possible fillers like ubod (coconut stem pith), unripe papaya, jicama, chayote, sweet potato, potato.